Dramatic Creek Garden

Port Navas

This back garden was just a sloping patch of weedy lawn rising above the house and with no depth of soil.  As the client, a keen gardener, wanted to have as much planting as possible, both ornamental and productive, two separate areas were designed.  Raised beds were needed throughout: the ornamental area has stone retaining walls with winding gravel paths stepping up the slope; and the vegetable plot has horizontal laid high oak sleeper beds providing plenty of growing space down the steep hill. 

The brief was to give the area an exotic feel with a dramatic black and orange colour scheme.  This has been achieved with a mix of large leafed hardy exotics, colourful tender and hardy perennials as well as annuals and bulbs.  The overall effect is of colourful exuberance tempered with areas of calming blue and white.





We are delighted with our new back garden. It was an odd shape, small and on several levels but Cathy’s design and planting scheme has opened the garden up, giving us what feels like a bigger, airier garden with wonderful planting. Thank you Cathy. WE LOVE OUR GARDEN!
— Cate, Port Navas