Sunken Garden

Mawnan Smith

This garden area used to be an ugly five sided empty pond full of rampant weeds.  The client wanted to create a different feel to this part of the garden and to simplify the shapes and levels.  The solution was to transform it into a square sided sunken style garden with exotic planting with some feature driftwood sculptures.  The raised beds have a tropical feel with big leaves and vibrant colours and the central area features drought resistant planting with spiky plants, grasses and self seeding perennials, all mulched with gravel with some plants repeating through both borders to give cohesiveness.  Soon a water feature will be added.




We enjoyed working with Cathy on this section of the garden. We appreciated her collaborative approach, listening to ideas but also providing an interesting and cohesive plan. Her plant selection was spot on and has provided the look and all year interest we wanted but didn’t know how to achieve.
— Julie, Mawnan Smith